Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thrift Art Gallery - More Beautiful Mystery's

I've posted a few Beautiful Mystery's from my Thrift Art Gallery before and actually got help identifying a few pieces, so I thought I'd show ya' a few more from my collection.

This is the 1st piece of art I remember buying. It was at a thrift in FL and has hung in every one of our homes since.  So much for starting small, LOL.
It's signed "Dormz Weimer" or Weiner...I've never found out any info on it, but love it just the same.

This beautiful floral painting is also really fun. I love the color and texture of the sunflowers though the artist "Redi" has never come up during my searches?

Asian art is all the rage and this litho by P. Chu has been a mystery for a few years. 
Signed: P. Chu, Poppies II 170/500
It hangs proudly in my spare bedroom all the same, as does this lovely asian inspired bird painting hanging in our dining room.
Signed H. Johnon, Oil on Canvas
Though they may not be worth their weight in gold, these pieces all bring a little beauty to my life everyday. You don't have to spend a fortune on art that makes you happy...but it's always fun to know that artist behind the art!
If you have insight on any of the art on my blog I'd love to hear about it! Thanks for stopping bye!

Cheers ~ Lara

2013 LA Art Show

For the 3rd year in a row we had the opportunity to make it to the LA Art Show, and once again it didn't disappoint.  In fact, I think it may have been the best year yet!
We were honored to be in attendance opening night for the Premier Party and saw some amazing work (and some famous people) were some of my favorites!
Ed Ruscha, 51% Angel 49% Devil (1983)
The featured exhibition Letters from Los Angeles:Text in Southern California Art was fantastic. Iconic art from iconic artists, and an opportunity to explore the relationship of contemporary art and the written word which is so prominent in Los Angeles.
Sister Korita Kent, Yellow Submarine (1964)
Sister Corita Kent, American Sampler (1969)
The John Baldessari ABC Art letters from the 2011 show were back as part of this exhibit too...I just love his alphabet!
John Baldessari, A B C Art (2009)
My love of Latin American Art continues & I was introduced to a new artist that I fell in love with. The gallery Cernude Arte out of Coral Gables, FL had a large body of work by Cuban artist Gina Pellon.
Her vibrant compositions were so free and alive, and I look forward to exploring her work further.
Gina Pellon, Planta Secreta "Secret Plant" (2010) ~ $19,000USD 
Gina Pellon, Blanco Silencio "White Silence" (2010) ~ $14,000USD
Gina Pellon, Secreto Maximo "Top Secret" (2010) ~ $13,000USD
Another Latin American artist that I adore is Guatemalan artist Carlos Merida, and this beautiful example of his abstract work was just stunning!
Carlos Merida, Dos Personajes (1958) ~ $29,500USD
One of the coolest instillation pieces that we came across was this hanging sculpture by Korean artist Park Sung-Tae made with wire mesh. It had such a cool shadow play on the wall, and and was truly a stand out!
It wouldn't be an LA show without some street art!  There was a pretty big representation of street artists at this years event and this piece from Shepard Fairey was up for auction. I've long admired Fairey, but work definitely tops my list of favorites from him.
Shepard Fairey, Station to Station 3 (2012) ~ Starting Bid $4,000USD
The highlight of the evening for me this year however was completely unexpected!  Here's the back story: I was in Morocco in Fall of 2012 and fell in LOVE with some paintings at our hotel.  I kept asking around who the artist was because I was told that the hotel displayed a collection of contemporary Moroccan artists.  I left Morocco with one regret, and that was not seeking out the work in more detail.  Imagine my surprise when I was walking around the LA show and saw a live artist painting on a canvas. I knew immediately that it was the same work and showed him pics on my iPhone of his paintings in Morocco! BINGO!!!
I think he was as surprised as I was.  Little did I know at the time but JonOne is a pretty famous Parisian Street Artist (with gallery representation in Morocco too)...and I KNOW I will someday own a piece of his work. He was doing a live painting in the Fabien Canister Gallery booth, and I really enjoyed getting to chat with him for a bit!  
With JonOne at 2013 LA Art Show
See that amazing painting behind us? Here it is in more detail
JonOne, Into the Black ~ $17,000USD
And here are the pictures I showed him from Morocco:
Pretty crazy right!!! Certainly the highlight of my night!!!

So those were a few of my favorites but I certainly didn't even scratch the surface of all the amazing work at the show! I can't wait for the 2014 event!!!

Cheers ~ Lara

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Letter to 2013

Dear 2013:
2012 was pretty damn fabulous, so I'm sad to say goodbye. But in the new year there are many things I will conspire to do more of:

Make more art.
Continue to travel & visit at least 2 new countries.
Focus on my relationship.
Make new friends.
Work smarter & make lots of money.
Live a lighter healthier life.
Enjoy getting regular exercise.
Have more sex (oops, did I say that out loud? LOL!).

Reasonable goals & I look forward to making them all priorities in 2013!

Cheers ~ Lara

Inspirational Outings ~ The Huntington Library, Museum & Botanical Gardens

We spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon at The Huntington today.
It was a perfect January day to stroll the gardens, get some fresh air...and take a few photos of course!
Chinese Garden
Views of the San Gabriel Mountains
Statue in Sculpture Gardens
Family in Contemporary Art Gallery
Cheers ~ Lara

Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflecting on 2012

It's hard to believe another year has come & gone...and boy am I sad to see 2012 go.
This past year has been an exciting one, as I've made new friends and created memories across the world. I never imagined the journeys it would hold...but I've realized that saying "YES" to unexpected propositions can lead to opportunities I would've never dreamed possible.
Clockwise L to R: Singapore Skyscraper, Flower in my front yard, Sunset in Kenya, Camels on the Beach in Diani Kenya, Temple in Bali, Mosque Door in Casablanca Morocco
I've been fortunate to see the sun rise and set on 4 continents within the last 12 months and I swam in the Indian Ocean in both Asia & Africa.  I've seen beauty in poverty and felt danger in places that should be safe. Many dream destinations have been checked off of my list, and my urge to see more of the world is stronger than ever.
Clockwise L to R: Little Girl in Mombasa Kenya, Old Canoe in Kilifi Kenya, Starfish found in Sunset Beach CA, Rose from Long Beach CA, Downtown LA Sunset
While many months were highlighted with new experiences, my day to days passed as always. I continue to question my life and wether it's moving in the right direction or if it's time to make some major changes. I've spent unforgettable time with family, and experienced success and loss in equal amounts. I've strengthened friendships and lost love ones, and felt pain and joy just like every other year I can remember.
Clockwise L to R: Monaco Palace, Door in Marrakech Morocco, San Francisco Bridge, Sunset in Kenya, Lombardi Street San Francisco, Statue in Eze France
I've begun to recognize the beauty in the everyday, and that it's my perspective that chooses to see it or ignore it.  I also realize how much I enjoy photography and capturing my life's magical moments.
Clockwise L to R: Bridge in Singapore, Yacht in St. Tropez, Delano Hotel Pool Marrakech, Levitated Mass LACMA, Sunset Beach CA, NYC Skyline
I feel truly blessed and so thankful for the people in my life who continually support, encourage, and strengthen me and for Tim who accepts and allows me to be me.
Clockwise L to R: Kenyan Sisal Field, Mosque in Singapore, Singapore Pay Phone, Cali Flower, Bench in Morocco
While 2012 didn't bring all the answers, I have realized a few things: People, no matter place or circumstance, are more alike than they are different. Time passes faster with each year, and seize opportunities when they are in front of you as they may never come again. 
Clockwise L to R: Singapore Botanic Gardens, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Marrakech Fountain, Queen Mary Long Beach, Nassau Bahamas, Statue at Bali Temple
I don't know yet what 2013 holds, but I look forward to having it unfold! I'll be putting my letter of resolutions to 2013 down in the next few days and I'm excited to write the chapters of a 2013!
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

It's hard to believe another year is almost gone...but the holidays are always a special time to visit with friends and family & to reflect on the closing year.
From our family to yours, we wish you the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year!
Lucy & Stella enjoying the Christmas Tree.
Cheers ~ Lara

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mystery Solved

I've had this beautiful lithograph for at least 5 years.  I picked it up at a thrift in Florida, and it has hung in several places in both of our homes throughout the years.  Most recently however, it's been hiding in a closet.  Until today, I never knew the artist...but I always knew it was really cool.  It's numbered 116/260, and the signature has been sending me on wild goose chases since the day I got it!
I searched for Pluar, Sluar, Plurr...and many more combinations.  Then today, out of nowhere I found THIS listing for a Sunal Alvar serigraph on and I was like BAM!!! THATS IT!!!
Woo Hoo, mystery solved!!!
Sunal Alvar is a highly recognized Spanish artist whose work has been exhibited and collected throughout the world.  His original paintings and lithographs can bring a pretty price, and I'm so excited to have finally put a name to the amazing piece I've been carrying around for years. 

Cheers ~ Lara

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