Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thrift Share - Fun Furniture Finds

It's been forever since I've done a Thrift Share post. I've been so fortunate to travel a LOT this year, and between that, work, & life I hadn't stepped foot into a thrift shop in about 4 months.
But...I'm redecorating (for real this time). You may remember that I've blogged about my design dilemma's and living room re-do's for months now, and I'm ashamed to say that my projects are still in limbo. But, I did make a little progress this past week & came across some pretty cool furniture that I thought I'd share, along with where these new pieces will go during the redo.

1st up...this totally cool pair of vintage chairs. I'm in love with them. The crazy avocado upholstery is original & I'm amazed at how great of shape they are in.  I couldn't find any makers marks on them but they are very well made and the backs are button tufted and totally cool. I'm guessing 1950s or 1960s but furniture isn't really my expertise.I originally thought I'd put them in our formal living room, but it's really bright in there and I'm afraid they will fade too much, so I'm putting them in the den instead.
(That leather couch is headed to the living room and a new rugs coming in here) 

I don't often tell how much I pay for my goodies, but on these next few things I have to share my sticker shock with you! 
I found this HUGE wool rug for $25!!!  That's right, $25!  It's not vintage, but it's a beauty and the for the size (8X11) and price I couldn't pass it up. To my surprise when I got home, the original tag was on the back and I was able to find out a little more info about it.  It's a Sphinx 100% Wool rug mfg by Oriental Weavers & guess what it retails for? $1,800!!! Thats right folks, this one was truly a steal!!!  It's in almost new condition and though it wasn't the exact look I was going for in the front room, I know I'll still be able to make it work.

At the same thrift I also scored this set of Bernhardt table frames.  They were brand new with the tags attached, so I googled them on the spot.  They are called Palmer Metal Cocktail & End Tables, and they were missing the glass tops so I got the pair for...$25!!! Yep, that was the magic number at that store & guess what the retail was on these puppies??? Over $1500 for the combined MSRP!!!  I took them to the glass shop this weekend and had new tops cut for them, now they look good as new. Oh wait, they are new!  Lol!  I'm moving these into the den where the oversized ottoman is now.

Last but not least, I found my 1st piece of Paul McCobb Planner Group furniture.  I happened upon this beautiful 3 drawer chest at a thrift & debated about bringing it home. It was a little on the pricey side, but after talking the store into a 20% discount I had them load it into the car.  My first inclination was to resell it on CL, and I do actually have it posted on both the LA & OC listings.  I've had 3 people contact me on it with lowball offers (in addition to 3 scammer emails)...but I've moved it around the house a few places and I'm really starting to get attached. It seems to work in both of the rooms I'm redoing and Tim really likes I may not let it go.  EEK!

So that's it! Hopefully I'll be able to share the finished rooms with you soon.  Decorating around here is certainly a slow process, but thrifting new goodies keeps it fun & fluid so I'm really enjoying the process!

Cheers ~ Lara

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Delano Hotel Marrakech

I have a new love & her name is Marrakech.
Exotic, Beautiful, Sexy & Exciting!
On a recent trip to Morocco we had plans to visit many cities throughout the country, but after landing at the new Delano Hotel in Marrakech, we couldn't pry ourselves away from this amazing city...and the Delano was the perfect place to call home during our stay!
Grand Circular "Riad" Lobby & Lounge with painting by JonOne
The Morgans Hotel Group recently opened this jewel of a boutique hotel, and we were excited to be the first Americans to stay at the property.  Lush purple decor accented by arabesque design and amazing Moroccan Modern Art made the Delano feel more like a contemporary gallery than a hotel.
Circles abound as the theme from designer Jacques Garcia 
Living Room in the Suite
The decor was stunning and so were the Suites! Our well appointed room was the perfect oasis from the city with plenty of room to relax and unwind.  
Bedroom in the Suite
We took full advantage of the amenities during our stay. The Pearl Spa was exquisite and the Hammam treatments and spa manicure/pedicures were some of the highlights of our trip.  The 3 pools on the property (1 cold pool in spa, 1 ground level lap pool, and rooftop circular pool) were all well appointed, and we took a dip in each and every one.
Since the hotel had just opened we didn't get a chance to check out the soon to come nightclub, but we did dine in the hotel and all of the food we had was delicious.  Our favorite however was the Namakaze Sushi and Rooftop Lounge where we ended several of our evenings with stunning views of the city and great friends.

I'd be remiss without mentioning the exceptional service we received during our stay. The staff at the hotel were all so friendly and helpful.  The concierge Mehdi provided us with exceptional tips for touring the city and arranged for most of our evening excursions.  He literally made our stay feel more like visiting a friend and I know the trip would not have been the same without his insight and service.
Little surprises like this sweets tray from Hotel Manager Sarah made our stay extra special!
I can't wait for my next visit to Marrakech and another stay at the Delano Hotel!

Cheers ~ Lara
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