Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thrift Share - Going Global

Holiday Cheers...Christmas is almost here!  
(I've added lots of linky links on this weeks post so be sure to click & 
check out the background & details on some of my finds)
This is our Baby Tree in the living room with my favorite Thrifted Vintage Ornaments.
I was afraid our bad dog Lucy would eat the big tree if I put it up!
(Notice my mid century chair has yet to be reupholstered! lol.)

I'm excited for Christmas this year because I'm preparing for a trip to KY to see my family (and my Mommy..YIPEE)!!!  It's been over 3 years since I've been home for the holidays and I can't wait!
Unfortunately, I haven't even started shopping yet due to all kinds of craziness at work, 
but I have managed to stop at a few thrift shops recently and look at some of the goodies I've found.
It's funny how themes develop.  I've always enjoyed having a vintage globe or 2 sitting around the house, but in the last few weeks I've amassed several more for my collection.
This one is my favorite however, because it lights up and makes a rather beautiful statement at night!  It's a Readers Digest globe from the 1980s and is in excellent condition.  
I'm always buying art and really need to get the Thrift Art obsession under control...but I just couldn't pass up this lovely lithograph by LosAngeles/Mexican Folk Artist Esau Andrade.  It's large (18X24) and nicely framed and for only $5 at the Goodwill it was certainly a steal.
I suppose part of Frank Del Olmo's estate was certainly my treasure!
Can't wait to see what goodies your sharing this week too, so I'll be linking up to Sophie's Flea Market Finds and Selena's Thrift Share Monday!

Holiday Cheers ~ Lara

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thrift Share - Fantastic Plastics

It may be Fall (almost Christmas...yikes), but my finds this week make me long for summer!
Red Picnic Ball & Yellow Ice Bucket
Don't they remind you of Ketchup & Mustard? lol.
Picnic Party Ball by Ingrid of Chicago
The Party Ball is missing a few cups, but otherwise seems like a pretty complete set.
Georges Briard Plastic/Vinyl Ice Bucket
I'll probably list both of these in the shop in the spring.  Speaking of Etsy shops, how were your Black Friday sales?  I had my biggest month ever with my Holiday Sale & want to thank all of my Lovely Customers who took advantage of the savings!  
Carrying all of these orders into the Post Office took 2 trips :-)

I can't wait to see what everyone else found this week.  I'll be linking up to Her Library Adventures Flea Market Finds so be sure to check out all of the goodies over there too!

Holiday Cheers ~ Lara

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Sale

You don't have to wait for Black Friday at NowSoLA Vintage...
the sale has already begun!!!
Take advantage of savings now, the entire shop is 25% off!

Happy Thanksgiving ~ Lara

Monday, November 21, 2011

Inspirational Outings - More Moore

Sculpture Gardens at Norton Simon Museum
I had an opportunity to visit Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena this past weekend.  I wanted to visit the Printmaking Exhibition that was being shown for the Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980 series.  It was a wonderful exhibition, and though I was struck by the amazing prints favorite part of the museum had to be the abundance of Henry Moore sculptures.
I've always admired the work of Henry Moore, but his pieces really spoke to me during this visit.
I can't wait to visit the museum again!
Cheers ~ Lara

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thrift Share - Vintage Fashion & Fabrics

I've been shopping lots to stock up the shop for the holidays...and today I'm sharing some of my latest vintage fashion and fabric finds.  Though I've left lots of goodies behind this week (sigh...still kicking myself over this one HERE), there were still lots of great items that came home with me too.

Who wouldn't love this vintage oversize silver & enamel Owl Necklace?

A lovely selection of Dresses for Day & Night...
Black 1950s Dress with Sequin Sleeves
SOLD ~ 1960s Black & Blue Confetti Day Dress
1970s "The Lilly" Green & Pink Floral Dress by Lilly Pulitzer

Fun Vera Scarves in a variety of amazing colors & patterns

Vintage Fabrics for the special handmade items!
SOLD ~ 2 yards 1970s Waverly Mustard Yellow & White Fabric
2 yards 1970s Rayon Floral & Stripe Fabric

Next time I'll share some new art, pottery & plastics.
I'll linking up with Her Library Adventures, Apron Thrift Girl & Type A's parties this week so be sure to check out all the other amazing finds there too!

Cheers to a Wonderful Holiday Season ~ Lara

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Left Behind

I've been in somewhat of a funk this week during my thrifting adventures.  
Lots of cool finds, but many I've left behind.
I'm still kicking myself over this vintage suitcase/trunk.

At $14.95 it broke my $10 rule, needed a lot of work, and I didn't really have a place to store it.
Among the other forgotten? 1 Ana Everlund Candlestick, an amazing mens Polo Leather Coat, a pair of women's Moschino pants, and 2 1960s paintings to name a few.

Oh well, there's always next time and many more amazing things to find.

Cheers ~ Lara

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Listings

I've added lots of lovely items to the shop recently!
Have you seen whats new?
SOLD ~ 1960s Dress from Loehmann's

Vintage Gold Leather Belt with Gold Heart by BB Simon

SOLD ~ Vintage Polka Dot Dress

SOLD ~ Vintage Pink and Purple Scarf by Vera Neumann

Beautiful vintage flowing Plum Purple Dress

SOLD ~ 2 Yards vintage Waverly Fabric

Hope you visit my Etsy shop soon!
Happy Holidays!

Showing me Love

I hit a milestone today of sorts, my 200th Positive Feedback was submitted on Etsy!
It's so rewarding to know my customers are happy with their buys & 
I truly appreciate those who take the time to submit feedback.  
Here are just a few of the 200 that did!

WOW what a wonderful dress! I got compliments all day on how cute it is! Thanks so much! Prompt delivery, excellent condition. I will be back!

Amanda Davis (PrimandPropah) says:
Just as dreamy as I had expected!

Missy Munday (boopsiedaisy) says:
Completely awesome seller, crazy friendly & super efficient. Item EXACTLY as described, really lovely convos & perfect packaging! Even refunded some excess shipping charges! Just a DREAM! xox!

zooble17 says:
One of my favorite purchases of all time! These vintage prints are terrifically charming. They are beautifully and meticulously matted and framed, they were very well priced, and the seller shipped them quickly.

kmauers says:
It was a true pleasure doing business with NowSoLa! She responded very quickly to my questions and the item arrived in perfect shape. It was packaged very carefully and thoughtfully so as to safely make the cross country journey. I would reccommend her to anyone and would definitely buy from her again!

Glenda Bloomfield (Brindabella) says:
Simply the best! A great seller whose service is above and beyond...!

Ilona Costelloe (ilonac) says:
What can I say? The perfect transaction, highly recommend this seller.

chuckcordill says:
Even better than the photos...much appreciated!! I will certainly visit again often. :)

Tara Heilman (robotinside) says:
I love this so much! thank you!!!!!!

Mariah Haney (moderncloth) says:
Thanks for the great customer service : ) Love this trivet, great price too!!

linskeep says:
Very professional and helpful with my purchase, thank you so much, will be buying from you in the future :)

Cheers ~ Lara

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thrift Share - Cool Bamboo & Gucci Too!

Bamboo is hot this fall, and is never out of style on a Gucci handbag.
Gucci launched the Bamboo handle in 1972, discontinued it in 1975, and then reintroduced it again in 1989.  Since that time, the Bamboo handles have been a classic touch on many beautiful Gucci bags.
Gucci Peggy Top Handle Bag
So imagine my surprise when I came across this beautiful bag at a local Thrift Shop for only $3.00.   
I had a few heart palpitations, broke into a sweat, and ran immediately to the cash register to make sure no one was playing a trick on me.  I bought it on the spot and have been glowing every since!
 Though it's sometimes hard to tell an original vs. a knockoff, I firmly believe this amazing find is the real deal!  The leather is soft & supple, the hardware is pristine, it's marked and labeled and lined in a wonderful suede.  I'm guessing the bag dates from the 1980s or early 90s.

I've already carried it several times & know this wonderful find will be a cherished possession for many years to come!

I'm linking up to the Thrift Share parties over at Selena's and Sophie's this week, so be sure to see lots of other fun finds there too!

Cheers ~ Lara

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Listings...

Lot's of new items have been added to the store!
Find that perfect holiday gift for your loved one...or for yourself!
Set of 7 Vintage Christmas Cards
Vintage Glass Fishing Floats
Vintage Designer Fabric Samples
SOLD ~ Set of 6 vintage Vera Table Linens
SOLD ~ 1.2 yards Vintage Fabric
Vintage Sleeping Baby Doll Heads
Be sure to visit the Shop for lots of other Vintage Goodness!
Holiday Cheers ~ Lara

Monday, October 31, 2011

New Couch

Modern Eclectic Inspiration Room via Doodlehouse.
Well, we finally did it.  We broke down and got a new couch.  
You may remember that our dog Lucy destroyed our previous sofa (you can see the damage HERE).  We've been hesitating getting a new one because we just don't know if she'll go back to her old tricks of chewing...but after much ado the search is over.

We had a few ground rules. I'm still going for and eclectic "Vintage Modern" style. I want the room to feel inviting & fun.  We didn't want to spend more than $600 (just in case) and we wanted something with pretty clean lines for versatility.  We also wanted a grayish texture or light patterned fabric to hide any potential dog hair.  I was dreaming of a Chesterfield, but thought that may be a little over the top in the price category until we know if Lucy can control her couch killing instincts.

After browsing OC, LA, and everywhere in between we finally happened upon Millennium Furniture in Koreatown.  They are a furniture factory based in LA, who will customize & build a sofa based on your specifications within a week.  Basically they say you can bring in your picture, or browse through their selection of catalogues (the likes of Room & Board, Crate & Barrel, etc) and they will build the sofa for a fraction of the cost.  I'll have to admit...I'm a little skeptical and cautiously excited to receive our new sofa.  The reviews on Yelp were a mixed bag.  The designs and quality of merchandise they have on the showroom floor were good, and I guess we'll find out next Sat when our new sofa is hopefully delivered exactly as we ordered it.  Here's what we decided upon.
Room & Board Andre' Sofa - $1600 - $1800
We used the same style and dimensions of the Andre sofa from Room & Board, but picked a round tapered leg like on the Jasper sofa.  Our fabric choice was a brushed twill in a heather'ish gray. 
Room & Board Jasper Sofa
The kicker...all said & done with delivery...$540!  Tim was so excited he wanted to order some matching chairs on the spot (yes, they'll build chairs too)...but I say we just have to wait and see how the sofa turns out 1st.  If it's good however, it may be on like Donkey Kong.  I'll find some funky pattern or vintage upholstery fabric & have a pair of coordinating side chairs whipped up within no time!

Wish us luck!
Cheers ~ Lara

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thrift Share - Happy Halloween

Vintage Photo and Shilouette
It's a wonderful time of the year!  
"Fall is in the Air", and it was another amazing weekend living in SoCal!  We can't wait to see all the kiddos come around trick or treating tomorrow night and I even picked up some costumes for our dogs at the Goodwill this year!  Stella & Lucy will be a Submarine & a Blowfish! Lol.

 I've found a random assortment of goodies during my thrifting adventures recently.  I picked up the vintage photo of the little girl with a basket of birds and the vintage silhouette a few weekend ago at the Rose Bowl when I met up with Selena Cate from Apron Thrift Girl.  I'm not quite sure what I'll do with the images yet, but I just couldn't pass them up.

Goldette NY Necklace
I found this great layered gold necklace at an Estate Sale.  The sale was pretty picked over, so I only picked up a few things.  The necklace is so big it was actually hanging on the belt rack and I snagged it for a steal!

There were a few cute dresses still hanging in the closet.  Though I haven't gotten around to photoing them all yet, I did snap a few photos of this one.  It's so fun. The deep plunge and bow in the back give it such a spark & the dress will make a great addition to the shop.

Lastly at the sale I came across this large clenched wooden Fist.  After doing a little research, I found out that these fists are called Figa's and they were originally Brazilian good luck charms.  
This particular one would be pretty substantial in size for a necklace pendant, so I decided to use it in a little temporary assemblage of sorts.

Other than the Estate sale I stopped at a few Goodwills this week to find a costume.  I finally settled on an Asian inspired dress, and spent Saturday night as a Geisha Girl!

It ended up being a fun costume for the awesome Long Beach Zombie Walk and Streetfest!  Kudos to organizer & friend Logan Crow for an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING event!!! Bravo!!!

I don't want the Halloween partying to stop, so I'll be linking up to Selena's and Sophie's to see all the other Thrify Finds there!

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