Monday, October 31, 2011

New Couch

Modern Eclectic Inspiration Room via Doodlehouse.
Well, we finally did it.  We broke down and got a new couch.  
You may remember that our dog Lucy destroyed our previous sofa (you can see the damage HERE).  We've been hesitating getting a new one because we just don't know if she'll go back to her old tricks of chewing...but after much ado the search is over.

We had a few ground rules. I'm still going for and eclectic "Vintage Modern" style. I want the room to feel inviting & fun.  We didn't want to spend more than $600 (just in case) and we wanted something with pretty clean lines for versatility.  We also wanted a grayish texture or light patterned fabric to hide any potential dog hair.  I was dreaming of a Chesterfield, but thought that may be a little over the top in the price category until we know if Lucy can control her couch killing instincts.

After browsing OC, LA, and everywhere in between we finally happened upon Millennium Furniture in Koreatown.  They are a furniture factory based in LA, who will customize & build a sofa based on your specifications within a week.  Basically they say you can bring in your picture, or browse through their selection of catalogues (the likes of Room & Board, Crate & Barrel, etc) and they will build the sofa for a fraction of the cost.  I'll have to admit...I'm a little skeptical and cautiously excited to receive our new sofa.  The reviews on Yelp were a mixed bag.  The designs and quality of merchandise they have on the showroom floor were good, and I guess we'll find out next Sat when our new sofa is hopefully delivered exactly as we ordered it.  Here's what we decided upon.
Room & Board Andre' Sofa - $1600 - $1800
We used the same style and dimensions of the Andre sofa from Room & Board, but picked a round tapered leg like on the Jasper sofa.  Our fabric choice was a brushed twill in a heather'ish gray. 
Room & Board Jasper Sofa
The kicker...all said & done with delivery...$540!  Tim was so excited he wanted to order some matching chairs on the spot (yes, they'll build chairs too)...but I say we just have to wait and see how the sofa turns out 1st.  If it's good however, it may be on like Donkey Kong.  I'll find some funky pattern or vintage upholstery fabric & have a pair of coordinating side chairs whipped up within no time!

Wish us luck!
Cheers ~ Lara

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thrift Share - Happy Halloween

Vintage Photo and Shilouette
It's a wonderful time of the year!  
"Fall is in the Air", and it was another amazing weekend living in SoCal!  We can't wait to see all the kiddos come around trick or treating tomorrow night and I even picked up some costumes for our dogs at the Goodwill this year!  Stella & Lucy will be a Submarine & a Blowfish! Lol.

 I've found a random assortment of goodies during my thrifting adventures recently.  I picked up the vintage photo of the little girl with a basket of birds and the vintage silhouette a few weekend ago at the Rose Bowl when I met up with Selena Cate from Apron Thrift Girl.  I'm not quite sure what I'll do with the images yet, but I just couldn't pass them up.

Goldette NY Necklace
I found this great layered gold necklace at an Estate Sale.  The sale was pretty picked over, so I only picked up a few things.  The necklace is so big it was actually hanging on the belt rack and I snagged it for a steal!

There were a few cute dresses still hanging in the closet.  Though I haven't gotten around to photoing them all yet, I did snap a few photos of this one.  It's so fun. The deep plunge and bow in the back give it such a spark & the dress will make a great addition to the shop.

Lastly at the sale I came across this large clenched wooden Fist.  After doing a little research, I found out that these fists are called Figa's and they were originally Brazilian good luck charms.  
This particular one would be pretty substantial in size for a necklace pendant, so I decided to use it in a little temporary assemblage of sorts.

Other than the Estate sale I stopped at a few Goodwills this week to find a costume.  I finally settled on an Asian inspired dress, and spent Saturday night as a Geisha Girl!

It ended up being a fun costume for the awesome Long Beach Zombie Walk and Streetfest!  Kudos to organizer & friend Logan Crow for an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING event!!! Bravo!!!

I don't want the Halloween partying to stop, so I'll be linking up to Selena's and Sophie's to see all the other Thrify Finds there!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Thrift Share - Picture Book

I always find it hard to believe that people can just throw away (or sell) books of family memories. What is it about old photos albums and scrapbooks that seems so special? When I came across this overflowing book of ephemera last weekend at a yard sale I just couldn't resist.  
It includes maps and pictures of a well traveled family dating between the 1920s-1970s.
There are also old UCLA football game tickets and money from overseas.  It seems as if the "Man of the Family" was an executive for JC Penny for many years and attended many events in the LA Metro area.  Check out this old poster from the 1960s of the Bradbury Building in Downtown LA, so cool!
It makes me a little sad to think of all the digital photography now, and how future generations will only leave behind hard drives full of memories instead of old books of black and white pictures.

Paper seemed to be my theme last week as I thrifted.  In addition to the amazing album, I also walked away with a set of 9 cool vintage Christmas cards and some 70s wrapping papers.
Last but not least, in sticking with my paper theme...I came across this set of vintage Paper Cuts.  They seem as if they were sold as a tourist item, and are labeled on the back though I can't make out the wording.  I just adore the simple shapes and sweet animals.  Anyone able to decipher this writing?
Possibly "Produkoia Regzha"?
Once again, I can't wait to see what other great treasures were unearthed this week, so I'll be linking up to the parties over at Selena's & Sophie's!  
Cheers ~ Lara

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What Do You Do & Studio ReDo!

I reorganized and de-cluttered my studio Sunday...and in the process realized how many unfinished art projects I have laying around! Half painted canvases and scratch pencil drawings galore!  I really should challenge myself to do something with the unfinished canvases.
I'd love some feedback from you other creative gals.  I wonder how many projects you work on at a time?  What do you do with projects you start and never finish you revisit and rework them until you get to a point of completion?  Do you repaint the background of canvases and start over from scratch?  I'd love to hear more about each of your processes.
A journal entry & rough sketch for my room redo
I've really been enjoying the Creative Courage e-course I've been doing hosted by Stephanie Levy.  Last week, one of the topics focused on Improving Your Workspace.  Stephanie challenged us to really take a look at our studios and envision a place where we feel relaxed, inspired & excited to work.  
I'd posted several pictures of my "before" studio here and here.
Part of the problem with my workspace had been that I had been adding so many things to the room that I just didn't have any place to spread out.  The top of my desk was so cluttered that I had no room to lay out supplies while I was working & that was putting a slight cramp in my creativity.  So I fixed it!
I started by rearranging the furniture.  I picked up a new bookcase (thanks Goodwill $12.99 ~ score!) so I was able to completely clean off my desk and make a proper worktable.  Not only that, I can now just swing my chair around and work easily at the desk or easel!
I'm on the lookout to find a longer worktable...but the newly de-cluttered desk is working much better already!
I may resell a lot of vintage goodies in my Etsy shop, but I hold a special place in my heart for thrifted art & books. I tend to collect a tad too many paintings & framed prints.  By keeping the larger pieces of furniture offset from the wall a bit I have a place to store what isn't hanging.  This is much nicer than before where it was all just lining the walls. Though I already had some inspiration pieces hanging on the walls, I filled in a few more of the open spots with some of my own art along with pieces from my Thrift Art Gallery.
New Bookcase & Art Storage
I'm so much happier with the space now!  I'm feel more relaxed and creative, and have had so many ideas generated throughout the process.  
I have to admit though, I'm not the only one enjoying the new room.
Stella seems to have found her new spot too...I even caught her napping up here this afternoon without me!  Silly dog :-)

I can't wait to see whats coming up this week in Creative Courage!  I'm feeling so grateful that I signed up for the course!  Thanks again to Stephanie & the other amazing women in the group.

Cheers ~ Lara

New Listings

Lots of Vintage Goodness added to the shop this weekend as I ramp up for the Holidays!
Be sure to check out all of the new listings :-)
Vintage round Walnut Mid-Century Serving Tray by Vermillion
Plum Cropped vintage Blazer
Pretty pink Floral Dress
Small Black & Red Stripe Camera or Gadget Bag
Christian Dior Ivory Sweater
4+ Yards of Retro Fabric
Vintage Pink Floral Polyester Fabric
Vintage Floral Polyester Fabric
Cheers ~ Lara

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thrift Share - October Goodies

It's been quite a while since my last Thrift Share post, but low and behold I finally got around to photoing some of my most recent finds.
The 1st week of Oct, I picked up a box full of goodies from one of my favorite local thrift shops, & the entire loot came in under $20.00.
Reed & Barton 251
The Enamel is such a beautiful blue on this silver plated bowl by Reed & Barton.
It's pretty tarnished so I guess I need to do some research to figure out the best way to clean it.
Any suggestions?

This wonderful set of Denby-Langley China also went into my box of treasures that day....
Langley Canterbury Sherwood 1970-1982
Along with these bright Danish style Trivets.

All & All I'd say it was a pretty good haul!
Then, last weekend I headed to the Rose Bowl Flea & had the pleasure of meeting up with Selena Cate from Apron Thrift Girl & Mod Sonoma along with her friend Teresa, during their whirlwind LA trip.  It was such a great morning browsing all the fun booths of the flea & chatting with such wonderful ladies!  

There were plenty of bargains to be had, and we all walked away with some goodies.  My favorite find from the day was this Fiberglass luncheon tray by Cambro.
I should've taken a better pic to show scale, cause it's a pretty big.  Also, I can't find any information on decorated trays by the company, so I have to wonder if the decal was added after market...though it certainly seems like it was original to the tray.  Regardless, I think it's really sweet!

I can't wait to see what other great treasures were unearthed this week, so I'll be linking up to Selena's & Sophie's again this week!  
Cheers ~ Lara

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Long Beach Arts Bootcamp

I'm looking forward to heading to the Long Beach Arts Bootcamp's great to network in the art community!
Every October GLOBAL presents Long Beach Arts Month which consists of over 1000 art events and happening throughout Long Beach to promote & celebrate Long Beach's diverse arts and culture. 

The bootcamp tonight is a must for anyone who wants to build deeper connections in the Long Beach arts community.
This fast-paced bootcamp features six powerful, practical Q&A panels discussing real-world, lessons-learned tips for making big things happen in Long Beach.
Long Beach arts community members in museums, galleries, non-profits, media, independent groups, small businesses and more will collectively share their experiences and lessons learned.
Who should attend? Artists, promoters, organizations, entrepreneurs, musicians, non-profit employees, board members, and arts activists of all skill levels.
 See Ya There!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mapping it Out

I've recently began a new e-course called Creative Courage.  It's being led by Stephanie Levy and my goal in taking the course was to start creating again!

Before moving from Tampa, I was going to Ybor Art Studio about 2-3 times per week and was actually creating and finishing a lot of art projects!  I felt that I was starting to develop a direction & voice in my work, and was I dedicating the time without feeling guilty.  I enjoyed painting there, but I was also experimenting with collage and alternative materials... and I LOVED the creative and supportive environment I was working within!

After moving to California, even though I have a studio in the house...I find myself not wanting to spend time alone up there painting and drawing.  I briefly hired an art instructor to come over and then I decided to use my creative energy in other, blogging, running my Etsy shop, etc.  While I recognize all of those things ARE in fact creative, I feel a bit unsatisfied for not putting "Hand to Paper"and not actually spending time in the studio.  I really do enjoy getting lost in the why don't I actually do it?
By working through a few of the exercises of the e-course today, I began to Map it Out.
Though it may not look that way, I cleaned off my desk & made a place to Play.
While my creative interests are abundant, I know that I have to give myself a few parameters during the course.  There are so many inspiring ideas and advice that have been presented already, it would be easy for me to get lost.  I've decided to stick to a collage based approach for the workshop activities, and I'm going to incorporate the pages of this old Atlas into all of my projects during this series.  

My first collage started as a combination of an unfinished drawing that I found in my studio, along with our 1st Activity in the e-course...Why am I Here? 
I tore out a page from the Atlas and began mapping my the Ideas and Statements from the activity.
I've started my Search, but where will it Lead Me?...
It's certainly a humble beginning & a fun start, and that's where I'm at so far.  Though I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the abundance of amazing content and a tad intimidated by the highly talented artists in the group, I'm also excited to be sharing the journey with such a phenomenal and inspiring group of women!
Cheers ~ Lara

I've got a Bad Bad Dog!!!

I have a confession to make.
Our dog Lucy has slowly been eating away at the couch in our Living Room...and I haven't stopped her.
Primarily because I don't know how to stop her (besides crating her and I think that would stress our older dog Stella out) and secondly because it's the only thing she's really I'd rater have this couch as a victim than a house full of victims!
But, low and behold the couch is destroyed to a point beyond repair and frankly, I'm sick and tired of sweeping up foam and batting from the floor on a daily basis.
How can I get too mad at those cute faces?
 Guess it's time to redecorate the Living Room!
Too bad, it used to be a pretty cute couch :-(
I'll keep you updated when I refinish the room!
BTW - were currently renting so I haven't quite justified changing out those horrible drapes. Lol.
How's that for a Before & Terribly Wrong After?
Cheers ~ Lara

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