Saturday, February 5, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Staying organized as a reseller is a job in itself.

A few weeks ago Amanda at Tall Glass of Water blogged about her "Dirty Little Secret" and asked the question of how to best stay organized with inventory as a reseller.
Unfortunately I can't say I'm a role model as I have stuff stored throughout the house & garage
(Tim tells me I've invaded every space of our place),
but I have to say I've impressed myself as I've found a place for most of my things.

Stella feels inspired for a nap!
My Art Room is overflowing.  I don't take as much time to create in here as I should, but the closet in this room is perfect for storing my supplies & some of my inventory.
My art obsession lines the walls.
This is where it starts to get messy.
I did save myself a little space to create.

The garage is where you'll find most of the breakables.  We have a fun little workshop filled with drawers & cabinets just perfect for holding all sorts of little treasures.  Almost everything out here is for the shop.
Did I mention that the cabinets don't really close?

Oversized frames & mirrors.
What would you expect to find in the library??? Well books of course!  I thought I may have a hard time filling the shelves in here, but nah!  Heres a little peek from when out Xmas decorations were still up.

Vintage clothes are housed in the guest closet & all of my inventory is logged into a little Composition Book as it comes in.  I give myself enough room to write a small description, measurements, and price paid for each's getting it onto a computer spreadsheet that proves to be the bigger challenge.  

Basically I guess it's just slightly organized chaos...but it's fun & I enjoy every minute of it!
Hope you enjoyed the Behind the Scenes peek of NowSoLA Vintage!
Cheers ~ Lara

1 comment:

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing your dirty little reselling secret too! You have some great stuff! Im loving the poster of the big head. Is it for reading the bumps in the head? The drawers and cabintes are where I am lacking. I've drawn up some plans for my closet so hopfully I will have a better grasp on the organization :) I might do better with a composition book instead of trying to remember to log it in Excel. Im laxy like that :P lol!


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