Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thrift Share - Jonathan Adler Lamp

Not my usual vintage find, but I'm dedicating this weeks Thrift Share to one item.  I've been on the lookout for some furniture for my honeys when I saw the Habitat Restore last week in OC I did a quick stroll through. Though I love the ReStores, unless I'm on the hunt for furniture or starting a construction project I don't stop in too often.  But, it was my lunch break on a Friday afternoon & pouring down rain, so I decided to stroll around for a bit.  Standing amongst the some of the furniture I spotted an interesting tripod style floor lamp.  I noticed the tag hanging off of it said Jonathan Adler and the original paperwork attached to the cord matched the maker.  
 Unfortunately it was missing the shade & the finial (is that what you call it on a lamp?) and priced at $50 so I didn't really give it much thought.  Kinda thought maybe Adler was selling for Target or something.
I don't know why I didn't google it on the spot, but low and behold, I left it behind.  An hour or so later while sitting in my next account, a quick search revealed the "Ventana Floor Lamp" was priced at well over $400 on several websites.  Yikes!  I was already a 1/2 hour away, on a Friday afternoon in pouring rain (translating in SoCal traffic to 1+ hours drive).  I emailed my man the link & said what do you think?  In about 30 seconds he called and said "Go Get It!"  You see, he hated the lamp we had in our front room!
This is the "Hated" lamp! lol
I called the ReStore, the lamp was still there so I made the trek back to get it.  I did a little digging around once I got there, and found the matching round finial attached to a small table lamp in another area.  I showed the picture of the lamp to the store manager and he let me take the finial too.  Too bad I couldn't find the shade anywhere.  Thankfully I have a few spare drum shades around, though I can't decide which I like better?  What do you think???
Option 1-  a plain simple drum
Option 2 - A little geometric touch shade
I love the lamp, but will have to say that I would have never paid full price from Adler for it.  It's not well made, not real wood, and there is no mark anywhere stating Jonathan Adler so if I ever chose to resell it I don't know what value there would be (this is why I prefer the original vintage pieces, lol).  I guess I'll just need to store the paperwork somewhere safe.  So now it's sitting in our weird front living room, that I'm in the process of re-doing.  But I think the lamp works in the bay window for the time being.

Oddly enough, Tim came home last week and asked if I'd seen the new Cotton commercial featuring Emmy Rossum from Shameless (one of our favorite shows).  He made me watch it on youtube, and what do you the opening & final scenes of the commercial, theres our lamp! Lol

I can't wait to see all of the treasures you've unearthed this week.  I'll be linking up to Selena & Sophie's thrift share parties so see ya there!

Cheers ~ Lara

Friday, April 13, 2012

Thrift Share ~ Goodies Galore

I've come across lots of goodies recently and decided to show off a little more than usual for this weeks Thrift Share.   
First up: Some vintage fashions!  Though I didn't get around to photoing all of the Spring & Summer dresses I have for the shop are a few highlights.
This happens to be the first vintage wedding dress I've purchased, but it was such a steal, flawless, and just so stunning that I couldn't leave it behind!  It's flowing & feminine & circa 1950s or 60s.  I also just love the Lace Lilac dress.  The style is so on trend right now! Don't you adore it!
In addition to the dresses I also snagged a few scarves.  The blue Vera sunshine & clouds scarf is a little work of art, and though the Chanel piece feels right I can't confirm it's authenticity so I'll definitely be keeping it for myself.  I'll be proud to sport it! 
The Vera scarf isn't the only art I grabbed.  How sweet is this little paper cut?  It had a sheet of paper stored with it that explained it's provenance.  It's by Chinese Paper Cutting artist Zhang Xiufang who's been working since the early 60s.  I definitely need to do a little more digging around for info on the artist, but I'm glad I have somewhere to start.
 Though I'm not into dolls, I had to admire the talent of the artist who painted this little doll.  It's expertly done.  The lace detail on the dress is so delicate, and the tromp l'oeil style makes dolly look as if she could fall right out of the box.
After getting home and doing a little research, I learned that the painting was done by British artist Edna Bizon. Though I can find lots of auction records for her, I haven't come across much bio info yet.  Regardless,  I'm sure there is a little girl or doll collector out there who would just cherish this sweet painting!  Another sweet little treasure that's going to make a collector happy are these vintage Green Tiger Press gum seals. 
Green Tiger Press was known for its illustrated children's books, calendars and greeting cards.  These seals date before the company was sold in 1986. The images are so precious.
Speaking of great images, this amazing large leather bound book is filled to the brim with beautiful illustrations.  
Remember a few weeks ago I shared this ice bucket handcrafted by David Auld in Haiti?  Well, this week I found a huge matching bowl by the same artist!  How cool is that?
And last but not least, speaking of cool...I found this big ole whistle! Silly I know, but totally fun!
If you want anything, just WHISTLE!
Well, I guess you could email me too :-)

I hope you had lots of luck on your thrifty outings too, & I can't wait to see whats been found.  Linking up to ATG's Thrift Share Monday and HLA's Flea Market Finds so be sure to check out all the goodies there too!

Cheers ~ Lara

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stop & Smell the Roses

Even my dog Lucy knows to Stop & Smell the Roses!
Though she may not love the blooms as much as I do :-)

Cheers ~ Lara

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thrift Share - Little Teapots & Bright Flowers

I had a beautiful Spring weekend with friends here in SoCal & hope you had a beautiful weekend in your part of the world too!  I had an opportunity to do a little thrifting over the past week, and here's a taste of a few things that made it home with me!
Don't these 2 Arabia of Finland pots make a cute Pair? I can't decide if they are 2 sizes of teapots or a coffee pot & a tea pot.  What do you think?
As if the 2 Arabia pots weren't enough, I also brought home this Thomas Germany pot too!  I think it has the most wonderful lines, so simple yet beautiful.
I made my first Pyrex purchase this past week.  I see Pyrex all of the time, but usually pass it by.  But this time I just couldn't resist the bright spring colors and wonderful condition of the set.  
I believe this vintage carrying case is probably a wine carrier, though it could probably be used for carrying or storing just about anything.  I'm guessing it's from the 70s, and think it's so charming!
Speaking of charming, I probably paid a little more than I should have for this adorable set of hand painted floral plaques.  I just love the brightly painted flowers, and think they are expertly done.  I love to photograph beautiful blooms, and wish I could paint them this well too.  These weren't the only bright art flowers I found, check out this fun crewel art too!
Also, not my typical style...but it was just too cute to leave behind.

Most of these goodies will be up in the shop in the next few weeks.  I'm holding a big 25% Off Spring Sale through next weekend so stop by and check out whats new to you at NowSoLA Vintage!

I'm also linking up to ATG's Thrift Share Monday & HLA's Flea Market Finds, so I can't wait to see what wonderful finds you came home with too!

Cheers ~ Lara

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Blooms

Happy Easter!
I just love all of the flowers blooming right now.  I took these pics this week while out strolling with my dogs in Long Beach.  

Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Cheers ~ Lara

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Living Room Re-Do

A few months ago I posted about our living room couch.  If you remember, our dogs ate the 1st one that I posted about here...and we finally found a place to order a new one that I posted about here...
So without further ado...heres the new couch!
Turned out pretty cute huh? 
Now it's time to tackle the rest of the room, cause its just a mess!
Here's another view of the couch, with some leftover chairs in the background.  
And here's a view from the other direction.  We still have the nasty old dog couch in the room! Eek! See it back there, covered in leftover pillows??? The window treatments are also horrible & I know the room will never really come together until I switch out the drapes (my excuse: it's a rental & those belong to the owner!). I've got a different coffee table in the garage. And lastly, I'm not happy with the current art situation. But 1st step for sure is to get that nasty couch OUT!!!
We were so happy with the way that the new gray sofa turned out, that we've decided to have a pair of chairs made by the same company.  I'm definitely feeling something 50s 60s modern with a fun fabric.  I want to keep an eclectic style in the room with a modern base. What do you think?  Here are a few chairs...

And a few fabric swatches.
I really like the idea of a little bit of print, but it's probably smarter to stick to a solid and accent with pillows.  If I do go solid, I'm definitely going to have them in some fun color!
Here are a few inspiration rooms from my Pinterest Boards and I'll keep you posted as I get further along!  
I'd love any suggestions too!

Cheers ~ Lara

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