Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 LA Art Show

Tim & I enjoyed our 2nd year at the LA Art Show
(2011 highlights can be found HERE & HERE).  
Once again, it was a great day filled with amazing art, inspiration, and quality time with my honey!

I recently began following the work of Ellwood T. Risk, and was excited to see a few of his pieces from a local gallery at the show.  He's an LA artist that often incorporates shooting targets into his work.  
Ellwood T. Risk ($6,000)
This work by Paul Balmer was pretty striking as well.  I love his use of color and simple lines that dominate his large abstract cityscapes.
Paul Balmer "Urban Sun Down" ($16,000)
Italian artist Mimmo Paladino was well represented by a gallery at the show, and I found several of his "Mixographia on Handpressed Paper" pieces very interesting.
Mimmo Paladino "California Suite 4" ($4650)
Shame on me that I'd never heard of famous American Abstract artist Lee Gatch.  I certainly fell in love with the composition and textures of his nature inspired abstractions.  I'll have to take note next time I'm in an East Coast museum, as that seems to be where a multitude of his works are held.
Lee Gatch"Archaic Tree - 1960" ($24,000)
So maybe this picture doesn't do any justice to the work, but the newer series of Butterflies by Damien Hirst just popped off the paper.  They were printed with foil and gold leafing and with the light hitting them they were quite stunning.  Love him or hate him, Hirst certainly sparks controversy in the Art world. Obviously very prolific, he was certainly well represented at the show with several galleries selling his work.
Damien Hirst ($5,500 each)
The most realistic & captivating sculptures at the show were by American artist Carole Feuerman. She's most known for her hyper-realist resin sculptures painted in oil...and I can certainly understand why.  Peering into the faces of these amazing series of swimmers I felt almost certain that they would blink or smile back at me.  
Carole Feuerman "Butterfly" ($48,000)
In addition to all of the amazing art we saw, this years visit was highlighted by few more celebrities...most notably Jack Nicholson.  I'm not typically star struck, but I'll have to say it was pretty cool to see Jack out & about somewhere other than a Lakers game!

Can't wait till next years show!
Cheers ~ Lara

Friday, January 20, 2012

Google Images + Me

I searched my name in google images were some pictures that came up.
Artwork by David Maisel on my Pintrest board
A picture of me and my dad, who recently passed away & that I miss terribly :-(
I've never seen this picture before, but I love the pattern resulting from all of the vintage hats on the wall.
Looks like an ideal day.  Biking to the Beach is one of my favorite things to do!
How great is Ale8? Always a treat when I'm back in my Old KY Home.
Maybe since we were both made in Kentucky, google associated us.  Lol
Awww, me and my love Tim :-)
Cheers ~ Lara

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Julien Pacaud

I've been admiring the work of Julien Pacaud for a few years now.  I think I originally came across his digital collages via Juxtapoz, but I've certainly been following his work ever since.
When I was in Paris the Spring 2011, I had an opportunity to visit a gallery opening with some of his work.  Unfortunately, I missed the event and I've been kicking myself ever since.
Mr. Mystere #1
Butterfly Factory
Psychokinesis Club
I finally ordered a signed print from his shop with my hard earned art buying Etsy profits!  WooHoo!
Memories of Tomorrow
I can't wait to receive it, and hang it in the house.

Cheers ~ Lara

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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