Monday, January 31, 2011

Thrift Share - Modern Vintage

I did really well keeping up with blogging about some of my finds last week, so this Thrift Share Monday post is a little bit of recap and a little bit of new!

My favorite find was definitely this sweet little Mid-Centrury chair from the Goodwill for only $6.99. 
I blogged about it a little earlier this week on The Thrift Collective but couldn't wait to show it off again! 
It could stand to be reupholstered and I think I have just the fabric for it...I've been holding onto both of these amazing 1970s retro patterned fabrics for a special project and this chair may just fit the bill!

Which one do you think would look best???

I also had some great thrift scores for my shop
 I find that Vintage Clothing sells well, so I was on the lookout for some cute dresses this week.  I hit the jackpot at one of my favorite stops by the hospital and picked all of these items up for under $8 each.
Clockwise from Left to Right:
1960s Crochet Cardigan
Mr. Blackwell 1950s Black Floral Shift Dress
SOLD ~ Seafoam Green & Brown Dior Blazer circa 1980s
SOLD ~ Pret A Porter Boho Maxi circa 1970s
SOLD ~ Blue Animal Print 1970s Day Dress by "The Stroller"

You can preview more of the "new" vintage clothing and accessories coming to the shop by clicking HERE!

At the Goodwill where I snagged the chair, I also found some fun glassware.  
Not a usual purchase for me since I know absolutely nothing about glassware & think it's probably a pain to ship, but I thought I would try something new in the shop anyway.
These fun serving trays by are Georges Briard.
and these adorable Tumblers are Briard too.
This Colored Glass Pitcher and Glass set is marked Vereco France.
and this set of 6 black bowls are labeled Arcoroc France.

Last but not least, I couldn't leave you without some art.  This little painting is masterfully done and happens to be by California artist Patti Rock.  Though I haven't found out too much about her yet, it's a sweet little painting and I'm glad to add it to my collection!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Thrift Share Monday post, and be sure to check out all of the amazing finds from other thrifters via Apron Thrift Girl's blog :-)
See ya'll next week!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air!
Check out all the amazing Vintage Fashions coming to NowSoLA on Etsy.
Clockwise from Left to Right:
1960s Crochet Cardigan
Mr. Blackwell 1950s Black Floral Shift Dress
SOLD ~Seafoam Green & Brown Dior Blazer circa 1980s
Pret A Porter Boho Maxi circa 1970s
SOLD ~ Blue Animal Print 1970s Day Dress by "The Stroller"
Clockwise from Left to Right:
Pret A Porter White Patterned Dress circa 1970s
SOLD ~ Blue & Gray 1950s Day Dress by Betty Hartford
1950s White Metallic Sweater & Sequins Dress
SOLD ~ 1950s Green Dress by R&K Originals
Clockwise from Left to Right:
SOLD ~ Oversize Vintage Wicker Satchel
Teal Sunglasses
SOLD ~ Floral Scarf by Anne Klein
SOLD ~ Vintage Blue Sunglasses by Oscar DeLa Renta

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mirror Cards

How fun are these Mirror Cards?

I've been running across some fun games & educational toys recently, and have 
been picking them up to list in the shop.
Vintage Puzzle Games
SOLD ~ Vintage Fashion Plates

Monday, January 24, 2011

Art-full Week

If last weeks Thrift Share Monday post was full of books, this week was full of Art!
Not only did we attend the LA Art Show this weekend (loved it!!!), I also brought home 
some cool Thrifted pieces to add to my Thrift Art Collection!

These two beautiful watercolor paintings caught my eye and were signed Eren Alpketin.
I picked them up at the American Veterans Thrift Store a few miles down the street where I just happened to stop by Friday night on my way home from work.
After getting home & googling the artist, I realized that she was represented by galleries in Laguna Beach.
These two paintings are listed on her website and titled "Colorado River" and "San Antonio".
I just love them!
Colorado River
San Antonio
I've already placed this beauty above the mantle in our living room,
and I'm pretty sure that's where it will stay for a bit!
At the same shop I also picked up a framed print by Nathaniel Bustion titled "Dogan Mask".
I haven't gotten around to photoing it yet but this is the image.
All 3 of these amazing pieces of art cost me under $100.00.  A little more than my normal spending, 
but I thought in tin this case I just couldn't resist.
While I'll probably be keeping the art, I did pick up a few things for the shop this week too.

These adorable Drunken Fruit canisters by Nancy Lynn are all little works of art on their own.  
They would be perfect for a retro kitchen and are seriously cute as pie.
These two vintage fabrics were also from this week & this red & blue screen print cotton 
by Kauffman Fabrics reminds me of a Monet.
Look for these items to be listed in my Etsy shop soon, and
check out some of the Designer Thrift finds from earlier this week that I posted on Thrift Collective.
 Hope you enjoyed my Thrift Share Monday post & check out lots of other great finds through the links on Apron Thrift Girl!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

LA Art Show 2011

Baldesarri's " A B C Art"
Tim and I took a trip to the LA Art Show this weekend...and enjoyed every minute of it!
There were hundreds of artists represented from noted galleries from around the world.
I enjoyed seeing the art & Tim loved being able to see the prices, 
it was way more exciting for him than the muesum!
We found a few artist that we both really loved... like David Bromley & Malcom Liepke (who I've admired for years)

David Bromley...this piece was around 10K
David Bromley approx 5K

Malcom Liepke approx 10K
and he seemed to really begin to appreciate some of the masters like Miro & Tamayo.  The Beverly Hills Gallery Denis Bloch Fine Art had an amazing selection of litho's from many art masters and a very tempting booth!
Rufino Tamayo
I really loved the Damien Hirst pieces and really want to own one of these dot prints...but I'll just keep dreaming, lol!
Damien Hirst approx 12K-16K

The ABC pieces by Baldesarri were also a favorite of mine (first pic), so fun!

All and all it was an amazing day & I'm so glad we went!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger

As a new blogger, I am so appreciative of all the positive feedback & support that I have been receiving.
It's so fun to connect with a community of like-minded souls...and I can honestly say I'm hooked!
Yeah for the Blogosphere!!!

This week I received my biggest compliment yet from an amazingly talented blogger...
Lee Ann was so gracious to send me a Stylish Blogger Award!  
Thank you so much Lee Ann!!!
In order to receive the award I am supposed to share 7 things about myself.  Oddly, I realized that I actually haven't shared very much about me yet, as I've been so focused on sharing my fun thrifty finds & art musings. So here goes nothing...a little more about me!

First...A quick introduction! 
 I realized that most of my new blogging friends don't have a face to put with a this is me with a big yummy glass of wine in Santa Barbara last week.
Hi, I'm Lara!
Cheers to you for visiting my blog :-)
Guillermo Bert - Statue of Limitations

I dream of being an Art Collector, and all of the proceeds from my Etsy shop are being applied to a Contemporary Art Collection in addition to my Thrift Art Collection.  I'll be making the first purchase from my Etsy earnings in the upcoming weeks (I have a goal of 2 per year) and I've really been researching contemporary artists I want to invest in.  The lead contender right now is Guillermo Bert as his work is not only amazing, but ties emotionally to one of the biggest transitions in my life...moving to CA.  In addition, I've had an opportunity to meet this amazing man & like the idea of investing in someone so accessible.

When I'm not on my Etsy shop NowSoLA & not blogging, you can find me on my other online endeavor...the Facebook page for Long Beach Mardi Gras!  Last year I began volunteering with the wonderful folks who coordinate the event as the Social Media & Marketing Director.
LBMG is a fun filled all-day Celebration for the entire family.
This years celebration will be March 5th, 2011!
Hope to see you there!!!

I may be a Cali Gal now, but I'm a KY Girl at heart!  I grew up in the Louisville & Oldham County areas and still have so many close friends and family there.
Plus, everyone knows that home is always where your Mom is!
I'm allergic to shellfish.  Not so odd I suppose, other than I worked my way through college in Florida at a seafood restaurant, love to scuba dive, and graduated college with a degree in Marine Biology.  Thankfully I only have reactions when I eat the stuff!
Nathaniel Mather  - Sisters

I seriously think that in my former life or in some parallel universe I must have been a bird.  Crazy I know, but I tend to make random bird noises without even realizing that I'm doing it.  I love to draw/paint birds & even looking back at my childhood art I was amazed to find I drew them then too.  I knew I had rubbed off on my better half Tim when we woke up one morning & he looked at me and said
 (insert parrot voice) 
Oh my goodness, it was priceless!

And Finally Seventh...
I have to introduce you to my sweet Baby Stella!  
She's such an amazing old gal, and I know she loves living in CA as much as Tim & I do.

Hope you enjoyed hearing a little more about me & thanks again to Lee Ann deeming me worthy of a  
Stylish  Blogger Award.

Now here are 10 other AMAZING blogs I've found recently that deserve this award way before me.  Check them out & follow if you can as I'm sure they would love to hear from you too!

1. Selena at Apron Thrift Girl

2.  Ana at Rearranged Design

3.  Sarah at Simply Sarah 

4.  Alison at Alison Travels

5.  Carol at Found Vintage Style

6.  Amanda at Tall Glass of Water

7.  Amanda at Prim & Propah

8.  Cheryl at Artsy Fartsy

9.  The great gals at Whatcha Find

10.  Tiffany at Ramblings of a Girlie Girl Housewife

Just to recap the award rules:

1.  Thank and link back to the person that awarded you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3.  Award 10 great bloggers that you've recently discovered.

Have fun visiting some new blogs!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Book Obsession

I had lots of great thrift finds last week, but am most excited by the amazing books I found!
I have somewhat of an obsession with Art Books.  
Here's one of the many nooks I store my books!
I love to have them as reference material for my own art & enjoy seeing the process, progression, & portfolio of the artist who are influential enough have books written about them.
At a Yard Sale on Saturday, I came across a woman with a similar obsession & was able to walk away with a whole heap of amazing books...HEAVEN!!!
The Private World of Pablo Picasso could possibly be my favorite take from the haul.  It's filled to the brim with amazing photos of Picasso at home & in his studio.  A unique glimpse of this master at work.
Travel Posters by Bevis Hiller
I also really love this oversize book filled with Art Deco travel posters.  It's hard to come across books of this size that haven't been torn apart.  It's so tempting to mat and frame many of the beautiful images on their own.
Paul Klee Books
Indian Basketry and Pueblo Pottery
I snagged 3 cool books on Paul Klee (she must of really liked him!), in addition to 2 neat books on Indian Basketry and Pueblo Pottery that will soon be listed in my Etsy Shop.
The most random in the loot would have to be this 1930s catalog of Electrotype Stock Cuts.  It's filled to the brim with thousands of clip-art type images and from a Los Angeles fun.

Be sure to check out other great finds at Thrift Share Monday!
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