Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thrift Share - Stocking Up for the Holidays

I've been searching for new merchandise to add to the shop for the holidays, in addition to redecorating the house.  I've also started to expand my selling venues and have listed some items on eBay & Craigslist.  Heres a little of what I've found the past few weeks!

1st up, a little assortment of goodies.  
L to R: A pair of Mid Century lamps, Vintage Peacock Purse, Gray "Mio" Tray by Marianne Nilson, Miners Rooms in Minerature, Mikasa Serving Piece Set, Catherine Holm Bowl & Italy Planter Pot

I'm in love with the Rooms in Miniature 1960s "Doll House" furniture. Every time I open the box I find another surprise.  The box says the set only contains the dining room set, but I believe the whole house is in this box as there are pieces already built from every room.

In addition to the goodies above, I've found some great vintage clothing and accessories.
The thrift down the street sells scarves by the bag, it's a crapshoot but sometimes there are some great items in the bunch.  Luck was on my side this time with Vintage Vera, Chanel, Calvin Kline & Echo.
L to R: Vera Red White & Blue, Vera Blue & White, Vera 2 Tone Blue, Chanel on Mannequin, Echo Green Strip & Large view of Red & Gold Chanel

Check out these great holiday dresses!  
L to R: 2 Piece Black Lace Dress, 1950's Black & Gold Embroidery Dress, 1970s Gold Sleeveless Dress, 1980s Navy off the shoulder Sequins Dress by A.J. Bari
Last but not least, some great linens!  This set of 4 Vera napkins would be perfect for the holidays, but are so versatile that you could use them any season.
  I snagged 2 of these cozy Hudson Bay 4 point Wool blankets, they have some moth holes which is a bummer... 

but the 2 of these amazing Vintage Faalberg of Holland wool blankets are perfect!!! 1 has already sold on ebay & the other listing will be up tonight!
Well, that's a rundown of what I've found! Can't wait to check out all of the other goodies you've uncovered so I'll be linking up with Apron Thrift Girl, A Living Space, and Sir Thrift A Lot!

Cheers ~ Lara


  1. Fantastic finds Lara! Are you keeping the Cathrineholm? So pretty. I love so many of your finds, I think a trip to your thriftbreak grounds is in order ;)

  2. Great finds.

    The Catherine Holm Bowl is my fav, still on the lookout after all these years for one. The dollhouse furniture & it's box graphics are great, too.

    1. Thanks a bunch! That was my 1st Catherine Holm find too...need to sell it but may just stare at it for a bit. Lol.
      Looking forward to your weekly parties :-)

  3. MINIS! I have a mini-fetish so I love all of those. You truly scored, I'm loving each piece you found.

    1. Thank you! I'll probably sell the Mini's as I'm sure someone else would love to build & display the rest of the set...but they are so darn cool!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love the Catherineholm bowl! I have never seen it in that color. Also am loving the vintage dresses and the blanket. You did amazing!


    1. Thanks Erica, I was excited for my 1st Catherineholm find. Hopefully it'll lead to a few more.
      Thanks for stopping by this week.
      Cheers ~ Lara


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